Not All Beauty Skin Care

By definition, a beauty skin care product should make you look more beautiful. But, it should also support healthy skin-function and in that way keep you looking young or even make you look younger skin care.

But, to do that, a cosmetic company would have to spend a lot of money on researching, developing and acquiring active, health giving ingredients that have no adverse side-effects. Instead, most companies rely on advertising or designer names to sell their products.

Beauty Health Skin Care

They give their research and development team a spending cap lower than their advertising budget. They pay extra to license designer names or get celebrity endorsements. So, when you pay a lot of money for the average beauty skin care product, you are not getting the value that you expected.

If their products were truly effective, they would offer a money back guarantee. When was the last time that you saw that on a big name brand? Typically, once a beauty skin care product has been opened, it cannot be returned. If you did get your money back, it would be because of the department store’s policy, rather than that of the manufacturer.

Most claims made for a beauty skin care product are based on just a few active ingredients. When analyzed, these products have been shown to contain only very low concentrations of the mentioned components. Mostly, they contain paraffin waxes and fillers.

The active ingredient should also be the primary ingredient, so when you read the label, it should be listed first or second, as list is arranged according to percent of content. For example, if you are buying a beauty skin care product because it contains CoQ10, it should not be last on the list.

In many cases, a beauty skin care product causes adverse reactions and in some cases they are hazardous to your overall health. Parabens, padimate-o and chemical fragrances cause allergic reactions, irritation and inflammation. They are absorbed through the pores and may increase your risk of cancer and other health problems.

Every time you apply a beauty skin care product, some of the active compounds ultimately find their way into your blood stream. So, you may as well be eating them. Unless a company says that its products are safe enough to eat, you should view them skeptically and always read the fine print.

You should look for natural oils like macadamia, palm and avocado. Vegetable based waxes are better than paraffin and other petroleum based waxes. Reparative proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and plant extracts are better and more effective than animal collagen, acids and synthetic chemicals.

When you find a beauty skin care product that contains the better ingredients mentioned above, you should probably go ahead and buy it. The price, in that case, would be due to what it contains, rather than whose name is on it. But, if you can, you should buy direct from the manufacturer, you’ll get an even better value on your beauty skin care product by leaving out the department store “middle man”.